CEO Greetings

By recycling waste, PP, PE, PVC and other materials, Greenpol Co. Ltd., a functional plastic material development company, develops a compound suitable for a product's property and many manufacturing engineering processes. Our products have been applied to various industry-wise materials, such as automotive interior and exterior material, electrical and electronic products, lightweight construction materials, and containers for general life purposes. As a domestic leading technology company in the field of plastic recycling our company through the development of academic-industrial co-op projects and patenting, Greenpol will promise to be committed to pursuing continuous technology development and excellent quality control and to improving the product quality.

Management Policy

  • Enhance Customer's Competitiveness
  • Increase Company Value
  • Innovation for the Future
  • Responsibility to Perform Social Responsibility
Greenpol CEO
Greenpol Co., Ltd. High-tech enterprise that creates green environment